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Super Oxy
Benefits of Super OxyTM - Stabilized Oxygen

Super Oxy will deliver Oxygen, or O2, into your blood stream. Simple as that. An Oximeter test can be used to verify. From there the extra Oxygen goes to work cleaning and healing the cells and indeed the entire body. The role of oxygen is incredible. This vital substance carries food to the cells and pulls toxins from the body. Supplementary oxygen in the form of Super Oxy will improve both these vitally important functions. A wide variety of applications are listed below. Remember to follow the 'Directions' for use on this website.

1. Improves Health

Three doses per day to maintain and improve good health.

2. Any Disease

Three to six does per day will be a beneficial dose against any disease including Asthma, Diabetes, Cancer, Arthritis and Heart Disease. Remember toxins cause discomfort on their way into your body and to a lessor extent during elimination. Super Oxy will eliminate toxins.

3. Eczema

Mix seven (7) parts pure water with three (3) parts Super Oxy and spray onto Eczema.

4. Fitness

Super Oxy will improve your physical fitness and athletic performance. This is achieved by raising the dissolved oxygen level in the blood stream. The result will be increased 'burn time' of muscle tissue. It also means reduced 'lactic acid'. A speedy recovery is assured. Use just prior to and after exercise.

5. Heartburn

Mix 15 drops into 150mls of pure water and consume. Two or more doses maybe necessary. Super Oxy at meal times, improves metabolism of food.

6. Insect Bites

Rub one drop of Super Oxy into the bite site. This relieves stinging rapidly. Reason: Insect poisons are acidic and therefore activates Super Oxy. To release oxygen and thus oxidises the poison.

7. Moles

Same as for skin cancer except apply pressured twisting action against the mole with cotton bud. If that doesn't do the job use 35 to 50% peroxide (H2O2) in the same way.

8. Rainwater Tanks

Add between two (2) and five (5) drops per litre to defeat anaerobic disease causing micro-organisms. Eighteen drops equals one millilitre.

9. Skin Cancer

Wet a cotton bud with Super Oxy and apply only to the skin cancer itself three times a day for 3 days then allow to heal. Reapplication may be necessary if traces of cancer are still apparent after healing. Avoid contact with skin around cancer.

10. Warts

Same as for skin cancers except use slightly more Super Oxy on the cotton bud to soak into wart head.

11. Wine

'Sulphites' or 'Sulphur Dioxide' or 'Preservative 220' are all the same - highly toxic poisons. Use 20 drops of Super Oxy per 750ml-bottle, then shake and leave stand overnight or preferably longer to oxidise these poisons. Super Oxy will improve the 'smooth texture' of the wine by 'oxidising' toxic preservatives. The 'acid finish' as described on wine labels usually indicates the presence of 'sulphur dioxide'.

12. Racehorses / Greyhounds

Use the same ratio as for humans i.e. a flat teaspoon of 'Ascorbic Acid' into 200mls of pure water - stir then add 50 drops of Super Oxy. Use a 50ml syringe or the 60ml bottle to administer a total of approx. 200mls into horse's mouth. Give 50mls to dogs by moving tongue to the side and quirting mixture down throat three (3) times daily and before and after race. This will improve their performance without the use of drugs.


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